Our Clients

At No Limits we love to celebrate the people that make us tick – our clients, who in all weathers, throughout the year, come in and push themselves to greater and greater heights in order to achieve their goals (whether it be shedding a few pounds or lifting a few extra ones) or excelling in their chosen field.

Below are a few examples of the inspirations we see every day.


Joe is only 18 years of age and has been competing in strongman since December 2020 after he stopped playing rugby. In May 2021 he won the East Midlands strongest novice competition despite being the youngest competitor there. Over the next few years he has some big goals including breaking the junior British log press record and finishing on the podium at UKs strongest junior. He is already hitting some fabulous numbers. Watch this space.


Martin Hackley is currently 69 years old

Since turning 60 years old my significant age group cycle racing achievements in sequential order have been,

National Championships

2011 – 2nd LVRC National Circuit race and 3rd National Cyclo-Cross

2013 – 3rd LVRC National Circuit race

2016 – 1st LVRC National Road Race series and 2nd BC National Road race

2018 – 4th LVRC National Road Race

Central and East England championships

2010 – 1st LVRC King of Milton Keynes Bowl series

2013 – 2nd LVRC Central Road Race Championship

2018 – 2nd LVRC Midland Road Race Championship

Since 2010, whilst I have won in excess of 25 cycling events, I realise that as I approach 70 years old that it is important to recognise that muscles can rapidly deteriorate if not subjected to regular exercise. As such I now prioritise weight training as something that cannot be ignored with the help and advice of Matt and his team at “No Limits”. I am grateful for the friendly advice and support as well as the social interaction they provide. Whilst I have only been weight training at “No Limits” for about 12 months I have definitely seen a great improvement in both my strength, body shape and overall well being and think that as my cycling activities may decrease in the future the benefits offered by weight training I intend to continue as part of my personal health plan.


My name is Milan Panek. I was born and raised in a small village in Czech Republic. I moved to England in June 2003. From a very young age I was interested in all sorts of sports that had a uniform and was always active. I played ice hockey semi-professionally for nearly 25 years but injured my back and was not able to continue. I felt disappointed and also knew the importance of finding a new direction in my life. My second favourite thing was fitness. I started going to the gym nearly every day and worked out with a plan to become a professional athlete. I taught myself about exercise and body mechanics, programme design and nutrition plans. I fell into competitive bodybuilding and hit the stage for the first time in 1993. Since then I have entered nearly 40 competitions around the world. I competed as a top level drug free bodybuilder, competing and successfully winning shows on both national and international level – including World Title, United Kingdom Overall winner title, consecutive 3 times European Championship Runner up titleand 2 times Overall Winner title with NPA Heart of England.

I turned my passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle into full–time career and became a certified Personal Trainer and coach to those who are serious about achieving their goals. I understand that not everyone’s goal is to develop a muscular physique or to compete in bodybuilding contests but some basic techniques apply to everyone. I have deep knowledge of all types of fitness and body types and I will guide you on your journey to find perfect balance between training & diet and make sure you succeed.

In January 2017 Milan became the President of iCompete Natural United Kingdom (ICNUK), a natural bodybuilding, fitness and modelling alliance affilliated directly to ICN Australia.

2018 – ICN Pro European Championships, Rimini, Italy – 1st Place

2016 – Bali Paradise International PRO-AM, Bali – Indonesia – 2nd place
2016 – WNBF Pro European Championship, Unterageri, Switzerland – 3rd place
2016 – PNBA World Championship, Budapest, Hungary – 2nd place
2015 – WNBF PRO-UK International Championship, Leamington Spa, UK – 3rd place
2015 – Mike Williams PRO-AM, UK, Stratford Upon Avon, UK – 3rd place
2015 – WNBF Pro European Championship, Multipower Pro Cup, Unterageri, Switzerland – 2nd place
2015 – WNBF Pro World Championship, Atlantic City, USA – 4th place (heavy weight)
2014 – PNBA Natural Olympia, San Diego, USA – 5th place
2014 – WNBF European Multipower Pro Cup, Unterageri, Switzerland – 2nd place
2014 – Mike Williams PRO – Am, Batley, UK – 1st place
2014 – WNBF PRO – UK International Championships, Leamington Spa, UK – 1st place
2014 – DFCA Pro Championship, Liverpool, UK – 5th place
2014 – INBA World Championships, Nitra, Slovakia – 2nd Mixed Couples
2014 – INBA World Championships, Nitra, Slovakia – 3rd Men under 180 cm
2013 – WNBF European Multipower Pro Cup, Horgen, Switzerland – 2nd place
2012 – WNBF PRO World Championships, Atlantic City, USA -6th Place Middleweight
2012 – UKDFBA Championship, Leamington Spa, UK – OVERALL WINNER
2012 – UKDFBA Championship, Leamington Spa, UK – 1st Place Light heavyweight
2012 – INBA World Championship, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic – WORLD CHAMPION Men under 180cm
2010 – NPA British Championship, Bedworth, UK – 4th Place Heavyweight
2010 – NPA Heart of England Championship, Rugby, UK – OVERALL WINNER
2010 – NPA Heart of England Championship, Rugby, UK – 1st Place Over 78kg
2009 – NPA British Championship, Bedworth, UK – Best Presentation
2009 – NPA British Championship, Bedworth, UK – 2nd Place Over 78kg
2009 – NPA Heart of England Championship, Rugby, UK – Best Presentation
2009 – NPA Heart of England Championship, Rugby, UK – OVERALL WINNER
2009 – NPA Heart of England Championship, Rugby, UK -1st place Over 78kg
2008 – NPA British Championship, Bedworth, UK – 4th Place Over 78kg
2008 – NPA Mike William Classic, Batley, UK – 5th Place Heavyweight
2008 – NPA Heart of England Championship, Rugby, UK – 4th Place Over 78kg
2007 – NPA Heart of England Championship, Rugby, UK – Best Presentation
2007 – NPA Heart of England Championship, Rugby, UK – 3rd Place Over 78kg


Jessica started Canoe Polo after seeing the 2017 European Championships in St. Omer in France. 
At that time her brother Liam had been playing Canoe Polo for his local Team Cherwell Canoe Club based in Banbury / Stratford-upon Avon. 
He was also training in the GB Development Squad once a month in Liverpool and therefore keen to see the GB Squads playing at International levels.
Any way back to Jessica, she paddled a few times at the pool with little interest at following it up, being more interested in basket ball. But seeing the GB U21 Men winning the European Championships and the U21 Ladies coming 4th, she soon took interest and before the year was out she was playing in the mixed and ladies Teams and was selected for the GB Development Squad.
In October 2018 she was put forward to train with the GB Squad and since then she has been training at every opportunity. Which involves regular gym sessions to work with weights and to do cardio fitness at No Limits Gym. Then three paddle sessions a week, which include paddling on the canal near Barby and Napton, a general pool session and finally a three hour Canoe Polo Session every Sunday Night. The GB Squad has one session a month near Hatfield, Doncaster which she attends with Liam. 
Charleroi , Belgium, was the first tournament for this year for the GB Squads and also Jessica’s first for GB. The U21 ladies came 2nd and the U21 Mens B team came 3rd. Very good results for the start of the season. Mechelen, Belgium will be the next International Tournament followed by the European Championships in Portugal at the end of August.

From all of us at No Limits a huge well done to Jess, really inspiring.

Jess is currently at Ashlawn School in Year 11. Here she is playing the Canoe Polo Tournament in Charleroi, Belgium 4th & 5th May 2019.